Today, Bram and his wife Sandi are going to share with us about this year’s Bible donation drive! And how you can help believers on the other side of the world to receive a copy of the Bible or the gospel of John! They’ll also share some of their most powerful experiences in ministry.

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  • Tom

    I was impressed with how urgent was your request on the radio we join the Bible Drive this month because of the decisions that will be made this month about what your ministry will be doing in the coming year! Then I was surprised that none of this importance was on the homepage and a little in the printed preview of the broadcast!

    • Bram Floria

      Hi, Tom. OH, the request is certainly urgent! And the link to the Bibles Campaign is on the front page in two places. The ‘insider’s letter’ to our long-term donors, however, was not duplicated on the website. Precisely because it really IS an ‘insider’s’ request, I didn’t want to sound over-the-top to new listener/supporters. Thanks for YOUR faithful support and prayers! Bram

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