North Korea
Tragic Floods of Summer, 2007

It is rare for westerners (or any foreigners, for that matter) to travel to North Korea. The “hermit kingdom” is, perhaps, the most isolated country in the world. This last Stalinist nation on earth is famous for being part of the so-called “Axis of Evil”, for its Orwellian control of its people, for its history of famines and starvation, for its million-man army and its defiant development of nuclear weapons which, at times, it has threatened to us.

So, why would the Nelsons visit North Korea for a third time during August 2007?

Norm explains, “We return because we love the North Korean people, and because we have ways to assess what Jesus Christ is doing in that suffering, officially atheistic nation. After all, He is present there!”

On previous trips, Norm and Cher delivered shipments of more than 3 million dollars worth of medical supplies, visited devastated flood areas, distributed medicines to ill-equipped hospitals and became the only foreigners ever to perform sacred music with the choir of the country’s official Protestant Church in Pyongyang.

North Korea
Damage to NK Roadways
North Korea
Immediate Relief, Aided by CR

While the Nelsons and their most recent delegation were in North Korea, the country was ravaged by torrential rains which produced the worst flooding in 40 years. During their visit the deluge killed more than 600 people, rendered 100,000 homeless and destroyed 8,000 public buildings, in addition to wiping out roads and 25% of the country’s current agricultural crop.

The delegation made a financial donation to assist with flood relief, a contribution that surprised and impressed North Korean officials.

Compassion Radio is launching a “Love North Korea” project to send relief aid to flood victims through the Korean Church Federation – the agency with whom Compassion Radio has partnered in previous humanitarian outreaches.

You are invited – indeed, we urge you – to contribute to this humanitarian project as a way to demonstrate the compassion of Christ and His people toward these who are suffering from this natural disaster.

North Korea
Delivering Medical Supplies

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