To Find Hope – Mother Theresa Bio



Even though I have had theological differences with aspects of the late Mother Teresa’s Roman Catholic Theology, I have nevertheless been inspired and instructed by her selfless, Christ-like ministry to the poor and needy. That is why I am offering a copy of this new book.

What can one committed Christian accomplish in a world of great need? As we approach the ten-year anniversary of her death, the story of Mother Teresa provides a glowing example. The spiritual hope she found in Jesus Christ empowered her efforts to comfort the sick, the weak, and the unwanted, not only in India but around the globe. Known as the “Missionary of Charity,” she won the Nobel Peace Prize for her service to the destitute of Calcutta, India, and speaking boldly for families and against abortion. This easy-reading, novelized biography of Mother Teresa shows readers what dedication to God can accomplish, while topically-arranged excerpts from her public speeches will challenge readers in their faith. See how you, too, can carry the light of Christ to the world.


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