Nasrani Lapel Pin (G-NasraniPin)



What is the power of a symbol? For two thousand years, Christians have taken the symbol of Jesus’ suffering and pasted it on their walls; lifted it high above their churches; fashioned it into precious metals and hung it around their necks.

Probably the most potent symbol of faithful witness for Christ in the 21st century erupted into the public consciousness in just the past few months. As ISIS spread their reign of terror throughout the Middle East, they spray painted the Arabic letter ‘N’ on the property of Christians declaring them fair game to the pillaging marauders. Why ‘N?’ Simply to represent the Nazarene whom they worship and follow.

We humbly, and proudly, offer this simple symbol as our gift to you this month. This quality, 3/4″ enamel pin is tasteful, and a real conversation starter. Order yours TODAY!