Door of Hope, 2019 (CP-DOH)

For the first time ever in the two decades of our Door of Hope Projects, a generous Compassion Radio partner has designated a special Challenge Grant for the months of February and March. For each of these two months, $4000 has been provided to encourage you to give your best and see your gifts multiplied! For your gift of $50 or more this month, we’ll send you a complimentary Gospel Story by Colors Pull-Out Banner Pen.


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For years now, many of you have partnered with us in helping to support the rescue of abandoned babies in Johannesburg, South Africa through “Door of Hope.” Thousands have already been adopted, fostered, or reclaimed by family members! But sadly, many have not been so fortunate. Door of Hope has not abandoned those precious lives and neither have we! A generous Compassion Radio partner has provided a matching grant of $4000 for the months of both February and March. Your financial gift will help ensure these precious babies a bright and successful future! So, please pray and ask God how He would have you help. Ask Him to show you what your very best financial gift should be. When you give $50 or more, we’ll say thanks by sending you “Gospel Story Pull-Out Banner Pen” at your request. Perfect for anyone who wants to be ready to share the Gospel at any time.

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of these precious children in South Africa through Door of Hope.

God bless you!

More on Door of Hope…

With 600,000 deaths last year alone, AIDS is the “Holocaust” of South Africa. Young, impoverished, HIV/AIDS-infected mothers assume that their babies will die. Overwhelmed and depressed, with no father/husband at home to care for them, mothers in an act of desperation “dispose” of their babies right after birth – many of them still alive – in dumpsters or sewers. In the inner-city of Johannesburg, on average more than 30 babies per month are disposed of in this way. Imagine, if you can, an innocent, helpless, totally dependent baby thrown away . . . It is unthinkable!

This is what our “Door of Hope Project” is all about: rescuing and caring for these discarded treasures whom Jesus loves. The Door of Hope Project is a partnership between Compassion Radio and a mission church under the leadership of incredible servants of God, Richard, Don, and Cheryl Allen. Since this project began, over 1600 babies have been rescued from certain death! How do they do it? The solution is as creative as it is effective. . .

Door of Hope spreads the message throughout the city: “Do not throw your baby away – bring it to the Door of Hope. We will love and care for it.” A desperate mother brings her baby to the church. In the high wall which surrounds the compound is a hole with a hinged door. This opens to reveal a softly padded steel bin, into which the baby can be safely – and anonymously – deposited. On the door are the powerful words, “Door of Hope.”

The bin is wired so that the weight of the baby sets off an alarm inside the office. The competent Christian staff responds immediately and rescues the child. It will be cared for until the mother has a change of heart. If the mother does not return, the rescued child is eventually transferred to a safe residential facility in the suburbs of Johannesburg and cared for on a permanent basis, or until it is adopted by a qualified Christian family.

The reputation of Door of Hope has grown so that now the police and hospitals bring other abandoned babies. Compassion Radio had the privilege to purchase the first of 3 residential homes for the Door of Hope Ministry, as well as Mountain View Farm for HIV/AIDS infected babies.

This is one of the most needed and wonderful ministries that I know of anywhere in the world. Your generous gift today ransoms a real child from certain death. 

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