Victory Over Abuse, Part 2

Yesterday began the moving story of Isik Abla, a beautiful young woman who never knew it until God reached out to her in miraculous fashion. Today, she inspires muslims and westerners, men and women alike to reach out to the SAVIOR who radically transformed her life. And whe won’t stop until the whole muslim world has had a good long drink from this ‘living well.’

  • Barbara Varnum

    Dear Isik – I just heard your testimony on WIHS radio! Your words were such beautiful music to my soul. I am a Christian woman, born and raised. I cannot tell how deeply my heart has broken to live through the moral breakdown of America and the enemy’s corruption of some segments of the church in the name of ‘political correctness.’ And it’s no surprise that the two are linked. My husband and I have a wonderful teenage son and daughter. But we don’t kid ourselves. We know the forces of our sick society will forever try to get its tentacles in them. I pray for the revival of which you speak. I pray it comes to pass. And I pray God allows me to witness it. Your words are like medicine for my bruised heart. Thank you for all you are doing. I will be praying for you. Thank you so dearly and deeply for the hope you have inspired in me.

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