On a Firm Foundation, Part 2

Yesterday began a powerful interview with a pastor, husband, father and student, named Peter Jackson. On top of all that.. he’s dealing with an MS diagnosis…

But in the face of it all, we see in this man the power of the resurrection. It is our encouragement in times of trial; and, it is our ultimate hope.

Today, Bram welcomes back a man who is indeed.. a true inspiration.

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  • Beverly Klaiber

    I am trying to find out the man’s name who is being interviewed. The one with MS. There is no name given. Where can I find more information?

    Thank you!

    • Bram Floria

      Dear Beverly,

      The pastor’s name is Peter Jackson, and the name of the church he leads is ‘Foundation Church, Dripping Springs.’ They’re in preview launch right now and will be open to the public later this Spring. If you’d like to correspond with him, just drop me an email and I’ll forward it along to him: [email protected].

      Blessings, Bram

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