Why You Can Have Confidence in the Bible (P4082B)



As our thank you to you for your gift of $25 or more to the ministry of Compassion Radio, Cher and I would like to send you the newest book by my good friend, Harold Sala, “Why You Can Have Confidence in the Bible.”

As Harold travels the world to teach and minister to people, he sees the growing divergence between what people say they believe and how they live. He addresses this very issue of whether or not you can trust the Bible and have it really affect your life.

“Why You Can Have Confidence in the Bible” covers a variety of subjects such as the Bible’s uniqueness, manuscript evidence, fulfilled prophecies, and more. It affirms the Bible as the Word of God that has been passed from generation to generation without being corrupted. Request this important resource when you make your gift today.

Thank you!


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