Why God Won’t Go Away (P4133B)



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'Why God Won't Go Away' by Alister McGrath

We’re proud to offer this important new book Why God Won’t Go Away, written by the Northern Irish theologian, scientist and Christian apologist, Alister McGrath.
Joni Earekson Tada describes this book as “A robust defense of the Go of the Bible . . . A book for serious thinkers who wish to make God real in a world that has forgotten its Creator and Maker.” Dr. McGrath takes on such best-selling atheist authors as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, who strive to debunk the existence of God, with a thoughtful, accessible, spiritual rebuttal to the claims of the “New Atheists.” He will help you understand the agendas and anxieties of this global movement and it’s appeal to society. And he tackles these weighty matters in an entertaining, but never sarcastic tone.

This book will help a friend or relative who professes to be atheist—in a persuasive and non-antagonistic way. Request yours today!!


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