INDIA – Barefoot Pastors Project (PBFP)


Sam Stephens had a problem – a billion people were just outside his door in need of a living faith in Jesus Christ. Fortunately, God had a dream which HE shared with Sam. Even more important, God had a PLAN and people to help Sam accomplish the dream.

What was this impossible dream? To see a thousand NEW churches planted in the country of India within ten years. Sam had around a hundred fellow pastors that took up the challenge, and faith that was about to be tested.

How did it work out? As you’ve heard on recent broadcasts, the ‘impossible dream’ simply wasn’t impossible enough. 1000 churches multiplied 20-fold in a single decade to almost 25 thousand bible preaching faithful congregations all across India. Since the original faith goal, India Gospel League has grown to a network of over 100 thousand congregations in India and Sri Lanka.

Would you help us support more of these intrepid, amazing evangelists and church planters? $100/month will support a Barefoot Pastor (and his family!) for one month. Your generous gift of any size will help grow the Christian family in India!