Children’s Bibles for China (CP-CBFC)

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Now it’s easy for you to participate in this great “Children’s Bibles for China” campaign.

Here’s how it works: Your gift of . . .

$6.00 provides 1 Bible
$30.00 provides 5 Bibles
$60.00 provides 10 Bibles
$120.00 provides 20 Bibles
$240.00 provides 40 Bibles
$600.00 provides 100 Bibles
$6000.00 provides 1000 Bibles

Our immediate goal is to provide 2,000 more Children’s Bibles during this current campaign. You might be interested to know that over the past ten years, Compassion Radio has placed almost 500,000 Bibles with adults and children throughout Asia who have asked for them.

For larger gifts you can create multiples by increasing the ‘Order Quantity.’


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