OPERATION GOD’s WORD – Bibles for China

This month our Mission Focus Project will supply additional, desperately-needed Bibles for the booming House Churches of China. With up to 25 thousand new believers in China every day, the need will always outstrip the supply. Give as generously as you can!

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Our experiences of God’s faithfulness toward His suffering but triumphant saints in China give us hope for our own struggles against global terrorism. Many Christians in America today are being tempted to give in to fear and to rely on ill-advised militaristic responses to the threats that come to us from extremist Islamic sources.

For 25 years, Norm and Cher traveled to Muslim population centers of Iraq, Sudan, Jordan and Nigeria, and saw plenty signs of hope in all these places – hope expressed in the transformation of lives through the power of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is this dynamic force of hope in God that once again prompts us to invite you to give to our annual “Operation God’s Word Campaign” to provide Bibles to the house church Christians of China.

Even today, Bibles can be placed in the hands of a Chinese Christian for very low cost – as little as $6 a copy!

As you give to support the ministry of Compassion Radio¬† this month, you’re helping us send new Bibles to the booming Churches of China! Simply choose the most generous gift you can and know that together we’re making a real difference for Christ in China – and around the World!