Across the China Sky (P4069B)


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The novel, based on true events, finds young, beautiful Mei Lin involved in meaningful work teaching at an orphanage. When she discovers a newborn thrown away in a garbage can, Mei Lin, who cannot have children, grows to love the little baby like her own. Meanwhile, her fiancé and her father (a prominent pastor) begin sending her confusing, short letters. They have been lured into the clutches of a well-documented cult that aims to persuade Christians that Christ has returned to China as a woman.

Across the China Sky is gripping from the first chapter. Hope’s account makes you wonder if she lived through it herself — from the account of the children’s plight to the wicked cultic schemes – it is truly a book that won’t leave you the same person you were when you started out. As American businesses move toward China, we must also be aware of the other facets that make up this complex country. With the Olympics coming up in 2008, this is the perfect time to be aware of what’s going on in China and do something about it. This is not a comfortable story. But it will be time well-spent.

One reader wrote: “The teens in my Discipleship class sat intrigued as I read from the book. It opened their eyes to a world outside their own. It birthed the desire for one teen to start a group in her public high school to support persecuted Christians through prayer and action.” Perhaps it will prompt you to further action for the Church in China!

This book would make a wonderful Christmas present for your friends and family members who are readers. Request yours today!


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