John Robb Report – South Asia Prayer Summit

The South Asia Prayer Summit was a special and valuable time, thanks to your supportive prayers. Key leaders of prayer ministries from most of the countries of the region gathered in the city of Siliguri near the proud Himalayas just to the north of Calcutta, India. We heard encouraging reports of wonderful breakthroughs through prayer but also agonizing news of continued turmoil, suffering and need in this heavily populated region.

In India, a national network now links many Christian leaders and ministries for increasingly well organized, informed, united prayer. A movement to make Ram the main god of India has resulted in the government’s saying he is just a legend. Large numbers are coming to Christ with churches and house fellowships being multiplied in most parts of the country. Bihar, once the most corrupt and backward of all India’s states, has moved to the number three spot in development with new roads and infrastructure being added and progress being made in removing corruption. It is no accident that a strong prayer network has united Christ’s people to pray in this state over the last few years. 4500 believers recently met there to fast and pray in over 100 degree heat.

Nepal is now no longer a Hindu kingdom. It has become a democratic nation. Bangladesh has a “good government” after many churches prayed. 30 prayer conferences to bring intercessors together across the nation were organized there this past year. After hearing such reports, one participant joyfully declared, “This is God’s time for South Asia!”

However, as we rejoiced over these uplifting reports, we also heard about some heart-breaking situations. Sri Lanka needs a prayer breakthrough as conflict worsens between the Tamil Tiger rebels and the Sinhalese-dominated government. Afghanistan and Pakistan have growing movements of Islamic radicals that have brought violence, instability and lack of security to these nations.

Several orphan girls who have become strong intercessors came to pray for the leaders. We all got on our knees and these young prayer warriors gently laid their hands on our heads and interceded for us. It was thrilling to hear how the Lord is calling and gifting poor, rural children to become mighty agents of His transformation. Could it be that part of the prophecy of Joel quoted by Peter in Acts 2 is being fulfilled in our time through the rise of the Children in Prayer movement? We all agreed that we have much to learn from the Lord and these kids through this exciting move of His Spirit.

Here are some emerging prayer requests:

  • Bhutan- breaking down of spiritual strongholds gripping the people, monks and government and multiplication of house churches.
  • Sri Lanka- reconciliation between Sinhalese and Tamils and the success of an upcoming prayer summit there.
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan- confusion and defeat of Taliban and Al Qaeda; that some will repent and turn to Christ (remember the fanatic Saul who became Paul).
  • Bangladesh- abolition of corruption and political unrest and further development of the prayer movement.
  • Burma- that the military regime will give way to democracy and freedom for its people. In the last few days, there have been some encouraging signs.

Please continue to pray.

South Asia- that a strong, well-connected regional prayer network will grow and be maintained across national borders. For God’s special grace, protection and guidance for Patrick and Onassis, two major coordinators for this movement.

“More prayer, more power; less prayer, less power; no prayer, no power.” Let’s pray for a powerful prayer movement to arise for all these nations and for the region as a whole!

John Robb

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