John Robb Report – Pakistan and Burma

The situations in Pakistan and Burma are still quite volatile with the arrest of opposition leaders and the potential for more violence and turmoil. Please keep these nations and their governments in your prayers along with the tiny minority of Christ’s people trying to make a difference in the midst.

Also, please remember the hundreds of thousands who were affected by the recent hurricane and torrential rains in the Caribbean and in Mexico. Pray that relief efforts will go well and that those who had to be evacuated will be able to return to their homes and rebuild their livelihoods. May Christ’s special comfort and presence be theirs!

Tomorrow, the first important prayer initiative will occur in the far Eastern regions of Siberia. They are part of a series of such conferences to draw together Christian leaders and intercessors to develop an effective prayer network that stretches across the vastness of Russia. The first event will take place in Khabarovsk, Nov.15-18, and the second will happen in Magadan, November 20-22. Please pray for the right people to be able to come; for His anointing, guidance and financial provision for this developing movement; and for Mikhail and Ioan, two colleagues from the International Prayer Council that are facilitating both events. Russia needs to see major transformation happen at every level of society and such initiatives are key to this process.

A friend at the United Nations asks us to pray that decisions made there will be “rendered in accordance with the heart of the Lord” and that leaders of the nations will have wisdom and unity in governing.

Lastly, the International Prayer Council executive leadership will meet in Malaysia in early December. We need God’s wisdom ourselves in making plans for the future of this international prayer network. We appreciate your prayer that we will clearly discern the voice and direction of the Lord so as not to miss what He has in mind for us and the wider prayer movement we are trying to support.

John Robb

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