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There is but one road which reaches God and that is prayer. If anyone shows you another, you are being deceived.
–Teresa of Avila (1515-1582), Collected Works

During the darkest periods of history, quite often a small number of men and women, scattered throughout the world, have been able to reverse the source of historical evolutions. This was only possible because they hoped beyond all hope. What had been bound for disintegration then entered into the current of a new dynamism.
– Roger Schutz, Living Today for God

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, it was my privilege to be interviewed for a three-part radio series on the power of prayer to change the world and was excited to my core once again to think of the Lord’s readiness to intervene and change history when His people resort to united and authoritative prayer in discouraging, even impossible situations. I recounted actual stories from past prayer initiatives in nations experiencing great suffering and conflict and how God broke through, stunningly changing the headlines sometimes within a day or a few days, and other times through a lengthier process that was no less remarkable for its striking and completely unexpected outcomes. During the interviews, Norm Nelson of Compassion Radio and I discussed the importance of our grasping and utilizing the spiritual authority Christ has delegated to us, especially as He describes it in Luke 10:17-21. We agreed that we could see so many more breakthroughs if we get hold of this awesome prerogative and begin to utilize it! Anyway, the interviews should be broadcast next week here in many parts of the USA and are also available on the Compassion Radio website if you are interested to hear more about this.

Right now we have the opportunity to release our faith and Christ-given authority in prayer for the following:

  • For the Pakistani army’s efforts to subdue the Taliban in South Waziristan to be fully successful. They have already succeeded in taking a key stronghold and now are tightening their cordon around the other Taliban strongholds. Let’s thank the Lord for the good progress and pray for the complete disbanding of this terrorist force that is bringing so much destruction and destabilization to this geopolitically key nation. Let’s also pray for the Obama administration as they deliberate on sending more military forces to Afghanistan, just across the border from where the Pakistanis are fighting the same menace. Victory on both sides of the border is absolutely crucial not only to the wellbeing of these countries but also to our whole world, so please continue to pray, staying in touch with the news reports.
    Parts of several nations in East Africa have received no rain in a year and are in increasing danger of widespread famine as food and water resources have diminished.Please pray for a compassionate and effective international relief effort and for the rains to come again for the healing of the land and the rescue of its people.
  • The American Film Market Prayer Initiative will be held November 4-11 in Santa Monica, California. Pastor Gary Zethraeus writes: “AFM is the largest film market of it kind, similar to the Sundance Film Festival. The AFM has 8,000 participants from all over the world come to view and buy independent films. AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed and subsequently released, making it the largest gateway to release culture and values in the world… Historically, this event has caused many nations (buyers from 70 plus nations) to release films that~create and change cultures.~~We would like you to come into agreement with us in prayer~for this event. Last year’s Prayer Initiative started a shift to more family oriented films that were previously overlooked…Join us to ask God for the keys (blocks and spiritual strategies) to the change He desires so buyers will see and be drawn to higher value films. We are looking for partners to move forward with this Prayer Initiative as well as implement strategies that God has given them, taking Kingdom dominion over the strongholds and places of defilement that have been erected.” Pray for His guidance, protection and unity for local believers as they pray- walk, evangelize and hold group prayer and worship during this event.
  • Finally, one of the most thrilling developments in the international prayer movement is the increasing role of children and their prayers in bringing Christ’s transformation to their communities and nations. Please pray for colleagues who are helping to ignite Children in Prayer efforts in the nations. We believe it is God’s heart and purpose for this movement spread to every nation on earth. May it be so in our lifetimes! One of these colleagues has recently put up a wonderful website with many resources from around the world that will help those who want to encourage children to pray. It is if you or others you know would be interested to use them free of charge. The IPC has Children in Prayer and other videos on its “Resources” page that can also be utilized free of charge so please check them out and circulate them to other intercessors you are in touch with.

God’s richest blessings to you,
John Robb
International Prayer Council

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