John Robb Report – India, Afghanistan, P/ akistan

Thanks to the marvelous grace of God and the support of your prayers, our team had a magnificent time in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It truly was a valuable and productive trip. People were very appreciative, especially from those we worked with in Kabul, Lahore and Karachi. The Lord met with us and I believe our brothers and sisters in Christ were greatly encouraged. Please continue to pray for these very strategic and needy lands that the Taliban and Al Qaeda along with the drug cartels will be defeated and driven out and that the forces of good will be protected and triumph. Pray for the newly started 24/7 prayer chains and for united prayer and fasting efforts to be seriously and determinedly undertaken by Christ’s people until these evil threats to the wellbeing of both nations are removed.

In Sri Lanka, hundreds have been killed in what looks like an unraveling of the peace process. The assassination of minority community politicians, human rights activists, journalists and others concerned to uphold democracy and the justice system has become an increasing trend in a society that seems to be less and less ruled by law and more and more captive to a culture of violence. Please pray for the peace process to be restored and for violence and death to be overthrown.

In Malaysia, religious extremists are becoming more and more vocal, seeking to create misunderstanding through vicious rumors and racial slurs and to exploit the recent conflicts between the Prime Minister and his predecessor. Please pray for racial harmony, religious freedom and peace to rule this beautiful nation.

The Democratic Republic of Congo also needs our prayers during the aftermath of the first round of national elections. Fighters loyal to the two presidential candidates have sparked gun battles that have killed people and the sound of heavy artillery has been heard. Pray for the UN peacekeeping force and the government to have wisdom and be effective in ending the violence and instability and for the person of God’s choice to be placed peacefully in power.

Two important prayer events bringing intercessors together to pray for Russia will take place in the next few days. The first will occur in Khabarovsk in the Russian Extreme Orient, Nov. 16-18. Some believe revival in this vast nation will break forth from the East. May it be so! The next conference will occur near Moscow, Nov. 21-23. Please pray for His unity, anointing and guidance as these brothers and sisters in Christ gather to call out to the Healer of the Nations concerning the desperate conditions they face.

A final event I hope you can pray for is the European Prayer Summit that will bring prayer leaders from most of the nations of this continent to Sinaia (Sinai), Romania, Dec. 1-5. Pray that the right people from all across this largely post-Christian, spiritually darkened region will be able to come and that the Lord will use this strategic event to spark a united prayer movement that will be a force in His hands for true revival
and transformation that eventually touches every nation in Europe.

John Robb

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