John Robb Report – Coming G8 Summit

The G8 Summit will begin on Wednesday in Germany. This meeting of the leaders of the world’s top leaders has the potential of affecting the plight of the poor in many nations. Please join in praying for the following concerns which one of my colleagues in World Vision has articulated for us. May God’s peace, unity, clarity and wisdom be with these leaders as they meet together this week:

  1. Commitments made at previous G8 meetings to increase development
    assistance to Africa, reduce the debt burden on developing nations and
    increase funding on HIV and AIDS are reaffirmed;
  2. The G8 leaders will urge the World Trade Organization to restart the
    stalled trade talks on terms that ensure poorer nations can benefit from
    international trade;
  3. Additional funding is found to increase access to education, particularly
    in fragile states, and to reduce the number of children infected with
    HIV as a result of mother-to-child transmission;
  4. Urgent action is taken to tackle climate change and rich countries will act for the benefit of the poorest.

Another request comes from a Somali Christian who asks us to pray for his
nation. He mentions Mohamed Ali Nur, Ambassador of the Somali Republic, for our prayers and also writes, “Pray that they work together and for peace in
Somalia. Also pray for the Somali believers in Christ, that we will persevere in persecution and that we stand strong against external opposition and especially against internal struggles with Sin.”

Please continue to pray also for the arrangement of the United Nations Prayer Initiative, perhaps the most ambitious prayer effort that the International Prayer Council has undertaken. 200 prayer leaders from every region will join with about an equal number of Christian leaders and intercessors from the USA and New York in particular.  We are partnering with a number of other. Pray for God’s favor with ambassadors, staff of the UN, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), pastors and prayer leaders in New York. Pray too for the design of the program and for all those being invited from overseas that they will have the financial means to come and be able to get their visas without any problem in this post 9/11 heightened security era.

John Robb

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