Johannesburg, South Africa

Compassion Radio is honored to be able to help support the work of this mission outreach church in the inner city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The existence of the church is a miracle of God in itself, as there are 16 different African nations, as well as many different tribal groups represented, all with an historic hatred of each other.

Click Here to EnlargeNot only are they worshipping together, but they are reaching out in love together to their poverty-stricken, crime-ridden community.

When this loving congregation learned that in their immediate surroundings, the Hillbrow area of Jo’berg, there are on the average of 30 babies a month disposed of in dumpsters and sewers, many of them still alive, the Christians reached out in love.

On tDoorof2-smallhe outside of the security wall surrounding the church compound they cut a hole; and attached a hinged door which can swing up…


DoorCloseR-smallBoxR-smallrevealing on the other side a stainless steel receptacle, designed by the members themselves, into which a baby can be anonymously deposited.

Chryl_and_open_boxR-smallCherylNOpenBoxR-smallWhen the baby is laid on the padded floor of the bin, the weight of the baby sets off an alarm in the church compound so that the baby can be rescued immediately.

Cheryl Allen, a native South African, the founder and director of the Door of Hope Rescue Center, demonstrates for Norm how the alarm works.

HouseExtR-smallHouseSideR-smallThe members of this mission church completely remodeled and refurbished a small house on the compound which serves as the rescue center and Christian home for the little ones.Click Here to EnlargeClick Here to Enlarge

Here you see the side of the Children’s Home.

FrontDoorR-smallMargaret_and_DennisR-smallThe front door of the Door of Hope.

This dear couple, Dennis and Margaret, along with their 4 children, have given up their home, and moved their belongings into the Rescue to be “Mama and Daddy” to these little ones and provide instant security for them.

NwboysR-smallNorm with 3 of the children of Dennis and Margaret. These guys are all boy!!


Doorof26-smallIt was surprising to learn that many, many of the destitute and homeless in the inner city, who have come to Johannesburg from all over the continent of Africa, much as people from all over the world come to America, believing it is where economic dreams come true, are college graduates. Some have 2 and 3 degrees! Such are the wonderful Staff workers in the church and the administrators of Door of Hope.

These wonderful young men hold 7 university degrees collectively. They have given their hearts and lives to the Lord and His work in this cauldron of evil. From left to right they are:Click Here to Enlarge

Raphael, Emory, Jon-Pierre and Augie.Among them they administrate the rescue center, teach Sunday School, administrate at the Church, play the piano and take the Gospel to the streets. Jon-Pierre’s wife, Fathi, is a full-time volunteer at the Children’s home, even though they recently just lost their first baby.

Doorof27-small(Here Fathi prepares a bottle for Nathan)

AnnaR-small17R-smallAnother loving worker in the children’s home is Anna.

Jerry is a young man from Congo who holds 2 degrees (one in engineering and one in community development) who became a Christian here at the mission church. He now leads the Youth Ministry and the worship team. The only things larger than Jerry are his smile and his heart!

Prayer2R-smallAll the ministries of the church are covered in prayer by its members who meet in prayer circles by different languages. It is a blessing to participate in their tender and earnest times of prayer.

Will you help this mission church be a light in the darkness of Johannesburg?

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