Far East

Compassion Radio also partners with The Bible League to place Bibles in many areas of Southeast Asia. This once-a-year campaign has supplied Bibles to the minority groups of China, to the Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who are now in Thailand, to Viet Nam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Compassion Radio listeners have also ‘Adventured’ to some of these areas. They have climbed into the mountains to spend time with the Miao tribe in China, and raised the funds for a fresh water supply and for a piano for the Miao Christian church.

They have ‘Adventured’ into Asian orphanages, to spend time holding and loving babies and little children who are so hungry for love – praying over them for God’s protection, guidance and intervention.

They have delivered school supplies, playground equipment, maps and globes to rural Chinese schools where such treasures had never been seen. These gifts were gratefully and tearfully accepted.

They have also ‘Adventured’ into the Philippines to work and witness with church planting pastors, and ministered to the residents of the “Smokey Mountain” garbage area of Manila. Just recently, in exactly the area where the Adventures walked, and talked and loved these desperate people, there was a terrible landslide killing dozens of people, injuring others, and leaving scores of families with no shelter at all.
How we praise God for the faithfulness of the dedicated church planters who had been working faithfully in this area witnessing and leading people to Christ.

Is there any area of Southeast Asia that could touch your heart? Would you help provide Bibles and Christian materials?
Call 1.800.868.2478

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