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Norm and Cher Nelson have had the honor of traveling to Indonesia to meet with the local pastors, hear their stories of disaster and pain, visit the sites of burned out meeting places, interview them for the broadcast, and bring home the opportunity for Compassion Radio partners to provide them with the books that they desire above all else. Compassion Radio has provided over 10,000 of these treasured items to our endangered brothers and sisters in this predominantly Islamic land.

Dempsey Floria

Dempsey Floria is Compassion Radio's Internship Coordinator, Web Developer, News Editor, and anything else she needs to be. Dempsey is based in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys exploring the mountains and lakes that clutter that corner of the country. She is a firm believer that storytelling is a big part of the answer to racism, sexism, bigotry, and all forms of hatred. For this reason, she tries to live her life by Brene Brown's words, "People are hard to hate close up. Move in."

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