Far East

Throughout 19 trips to China, including leading 2 teams of China Adventurers on educational and involvement trips, Norm and Cher have witnessed countless opportunities for learning from the great saints of China who have challenged and revitalized all who have met them. They have also spent time to clearly answer questions posed primarily by secondary and university students about what ‘Americans’ i.e. Christians believe and why.  English Corners in large city parks offer incredible opportunities to meet and build relationships with locals. As we are able, we supply reading material for their further learning. Because of the great hunger there, Compassion Radio does at least an annual, sometimes semi-annual Bibles Project. To date we have sent over half a million Bibles, New Testaments and Gospel of John to people who have requested God’s Word.

Children in China have no opportunity to increase their world view, to take in and consider other schools of thought and firmly held beliefs and are forbidden to attend religious gatherings. Compassion Radio has a deep love and concern for these children, that they have every possible chance to learn and make decisions for their lives. We have done numerous projects to supply literature especially designed and graphically illustrated for children’s comprehension along with beautifully illustrated children’s Bibles.

As part of one of our China Adventure trips, Compassion Radio listeners joined us as we four-wheeled and hiked to the top of a mountain in Western China to visit a remote Christian Hilltribe. We were the first Caucasians to ever visit them. We experienced their beautiful hospitality as they invited us into their primitive homes, served us their very limited food, and combined with their choir to sing hymns of praise (as Norm accompanied on their very basic pump organ). We discovered that they had no clean water supply. With the help of the generosity of one of our Adventurers, we were able to have a clean water source installed, and our partners helped us secure their dream of a piano for the church. After having it delivered to the top of the mountain, a grand dedication was held in celebration.

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