We are a radio ministry that discovers and reports the stories of God’s people living compassionately in the world around them. Compassion Radio exists not merely to teach the truth, but to provide listeners with opportunities to ‘do the truth’. Our daily half hour radio program is designed to help us think and act Biblically in relation to our own lives and the world around us. It does this by telling the stories of Kingdom minded individuals and organizations around the world and providing opportunities for you to get involved.

Compassion Radio began in January of 1998, building on a 54-year foundation of sound doctrinal teaching and fiscal responsibility under its former name, The Morning Chapel Hour, founded by Norm Nelson’s father, Wilbur Nelson.

Norm began his broadcasting career at age 5 on the Morning Chapel Hour, telling a Bible story and giving the mail address.  Norm returned to the broadcast from pastoral ministry years ago as co-speaker; moved on to the Presidency; became the sole speaker of the weekday program; and finally assumed the helm of the ministry in 1996.

At precisely that time, God opened up unsolicited and unparalleled opportunities for mission service through the broadcast, making it clear this is His mission for Compassion Radio.

Since Norm moved on to Glory in the spring on 2017, Bram Floria has taken over the presidency of Compassion Radio. In his short time as President, Bram has pursued new strategic partnerships that allow the listeners of Compassion Radio to give directly to the ministries featured on our broadcasts. Today, the Compassion Radio team is working harder than ever to bring you the stories of how God is triumphing through his people all over the world.


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