Listener Testimonies

  • We've listened to your series on the persecuted church in the South Pacific, China and North Korea...God calls us to reach out to the entire world. Your program has given us the opportunity to do just that. Please accept the enclosed check to be used to purchase Bibles for the Christians in Vietnam, Thailand, China, etc. May God continue to bless you so your program can be a blessing to others.

    S.K., WI
  • Dear Norm,
    Do you know how much you trouble the devil? Your teaching, and outreach, the music and ministry -- all are, I'm sure, giving him fits. You nose around in garbage dumps, in hospitals, orphanages, and other pitiful sites looking for ways to thwart his lies and his murderous ways. You travel, observe, pray, witness and report -- to us! We, in turn, moved by the Holy Spirit, respond, hoping to be part of solutions from heaven to overcome problems from hell. Keep up your work for God's Kingdom of love and grace. It will be worth it all.

  • Dear Friends,
    I only recently began to listen to your broadcasts ... every morning at 6:00a.m. as I walk my 2 dogs and cat (yes, our cat likes to follow us!) around the block following breakfast. I greatly respect you for who you are and what you are doing, and the love of Jesus comes through to me through my little Walkman earphones very clearly. I have been telling my wife and many of my friends about you, the ministries that you promote and the wonderful people that you have shared through radio interviews. At a recent meeting of our high school youth, I replayed the programs in which you interviewed Johnny Li. We were all touched and challenged by his faith and the faith of the Chinese Christians that he told us about. Your... programs on the orphanage in South Africa have been very moving, and I do not feel so much that I am listening to a slickly packaged radio ministry, but rather I am sitting across the table from friends who are sharing their hearts. Thank you for your faithfulness in your ministry. You are encouraging me to walk more faithfully with Christ and to step out of my comfort zone, because I realize that to stay in that comfort zone is to miss out on life with Christ.

  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nelson,
    Of course, you have no way of knowing, but whenever I have the opportunity to hear your early morning message, I am full of praise and adoration for God's perfect plan for His people. It's because your message (from Him) is real and in line with what Scripture tells us. Also, you and your lovely-sounding wife, Cher, know that words without action are like empty, outdated newspapers (full of words that no longer are important to the present). My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for the places you've gone and the things accomplished there. Many places of this world we had never even heard of or knew anything about until you brought their plights to light. You've had more compassion and established more caring projects for the "least of God's people" than most governmental agencies of which I'm aware. Thank you. May the Lord bless your work and fill you with strength and courage to complete the goals set before you. ...We continue to pray for the Lord to multiply the needed funding for your ministry and will help you as we can. I know we are an affluent country which could share mush more of our goods than we do. And, often it's difficult to find a trustworthy steward of the shared gifts when they are given in good faith. Respectfully yours,  

    J.R., IL
  • Dear Compassion Radio,
    Thank you so much for keeping the Christian community informed as to the events around the world and how they impact the church. Your recent series of programs about the situation in Kosovo were informative, inspirational, and challenging. We have all heard about the situation for two months, but your programs were the first from a Christian perspective. In order to be more involved in what Christ in doing in Kosovo, I would like to give the enclosed gift to the 'Christ in Kosovo' project. My prayer is that many lives will be impacted for eternity... Norm, I appreciate your Compassion Radio broadcasts. I pray that you will continue to hold up the model of New Testament relational Christianity to us here in the US...We need to stop dissecting the body with our scalpels of doctrinal legalism, before all that remains is a dismembered corpse. Christ's Servant,

    S.C., WI
  • Dear Norm, Cher and team, I want to thank you for your uncompromising call to American Christians to put their faith into action. Earlier this year, we answered a call, and responded to prophetic words we received over the past 5 years to go into mission work. We sold our cattle, leased our farm, and have started a 3 month training program called Crossroads Discipleship Training School with Mercy Ships, Intl. (we will) start serving in agricultural development in Latin America. ... Your ministry has played an important role in our coming to this decision. I do want to encourage you to keep mentioning missions and opportunities for others to join you. ...God bless you as you do His bidding.

    M.S., New York
  • The Compassion Radio ministry stands out among ministries in making clear that as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me; that pure religion - the essence of worship - is in righteousness and visiting the widow and the orphan in their affliction. ... I praise you in this. People do not know the love of God.

    W.D., PA
  • We really rejoice in the service (outward focus) that you have undertaken in the last several years. While so many other Christian ministries have maintained their outreach solely for the strengthening of believers, you have taken that extra step to fulfill the Great commission in practical ways. We praise the Lord for you and pray that He will honor your devotion to His will by providing for your needs.

    G.S., PA
  • Dear Norm and Friends at Compassion Radio,
    Both my husband and I have been aware of and under the influence of your ministry from the time we were children. We appreciate so much your many years of service to the church for our Lord.

  • Recently my daughter and I have been listening to your program as I drive her to school. We were both touched by your stories of taking Bibles to people in China. She decided to give all that she had so that people in China could learn about Jesus. (She) is ten years old. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this ministry.

    B.F., NJ
  • As a Christian business man, I have a responsibility to help. I appreciate your insights as to why God may be allowing things to happen... This is the first time I ever sent money anywhere because of a radio program! I do appreciate what you do.

    B.B, PA
  • This morning's program on the Exodus Project was outstanding. I was moved hearing you describe the children of Cairo's dump site. The message was powerful and so sincere. It felt like I was in the studio with you.

    J.K., MI
  • I've been listening...on my drive to work each morning since the new year and have been inspired and moved by their content and insight. I was never aware of the persecution of Christians around the world before. It makes me feel guilty to have such a freedom in our country and see so many people simply ignore their religious freedom...I hope and pray the stories from your witnessing will inspire more of 'US' to involve ourselves in the Lord's work. I hope the enclosed will offer some aid to those less fortunate (although I believe their faith is far richer than mine)...

    T.O., NJ
  • I felt I must write and let you know, I, as one small supporter, am behind you 100%! I love what you are doing in Kosovo, in China, in North Korea, in Cairo, etc...I will never be guilty of 'donor burnout' as long as the Lord allows me to live and serve Him!... May God continue to give you strength, wisdom, and the vision for compassionate ministry to hurting people. I am praying for you, and Cher, and all who are a part of the work there in California, and for the groups with whom you work to be able to get into places like Kosovo...

    J.P., FL
  • I just wanted to tell you how much your daily devotion has meant to me since I discovered it on the net. I usually try to listen to it each morning when I get to my classroom. I run an alternative education program for my district and it is quite stressful. Your broadcasts help to start the day smoothly and I definitely can tell when I've missed them.

    D.F., www
  • You, your guests from the mission efforts, your wife, and the music are an uplifting inspiration at the start of my day. Your ministry of prayer for radio listeners is indeed unique today. I'm overdue in thanking Compassion Radio for praying for me at my request.

    R.L., PA
  • Dear Norm and Cher,
    Approximately 13 months ago I sat around a table with my wife and three young teen children deciding to whom we would give our offering to the Lord from our business profit from the past year of 2003. A portion of that money went to Compassion Radio. Since that time, our business has gone through very difficult times. We have lost a great deal of money and frankly, the future of the business is questionable. It is with a great deal of joy and satisfaction that we look back to those gift decisions we made that year. The money we invested for eternity with Compassion Radio and others is still earning dividends and reaping benefits for God's kingdom. If we had kept the money for ourselves, it would have long ago disappeared down the black hole of cash flow. Thank you for providing an ongoing context and opportunity to give tangible expressions of God's Love and copies of God's Word to people around the world!

  • Dear Compassion Radio Family, THANK YOU for consistently serving our Lord with transforming truth spoken every broadcast. I always know I can count on something worth hearing from you. THANKS and God bless your daily gift.


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