Compassion Under Fire (Free Burma Rangers)

Why would anyone run into a burning building? To save lives, of course. But you don’t want to do it without the right training and equipment. Well, there’s a fire in the Middle East right now, and it’s a raging inferno. On the political, military and spiritual frontlines sits Mosul, Iraq. One bloody street at a time, the Iraqi national forces are clawing back their country from the death grip of ISIS. And right alongside them is a group of the most unlikely heroes ever – David Eubank and the medics of the Free Burma Rangers. They’ve rescued hundreds of innocent lives already, and they’ve paid for it dearly. But more than rescuing victims of bombs and bullets, they’re bringing a vibrant, living testimony of the Power of God to transform lives – no matter who they might be…

David joins Bram for this historic Compassion Radio broadcast, recorded by Skype from the active battlefield.


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