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A Better Way (Part 2)

March 20, 2019 -

Today, Bram’s wife Sandi talks with Toya Mac about how God has called Toya to mentor, disciple and teach life skills to young girls in Africa!  

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Archived Broadcasts

It’s All Greek to Me, Part 2

October 11, 2017 - Today, we pick up the conversation we started yesterday in an interview that Bram Floria recorded in Athens, Greece several weeks ago with two amazing servants of the Lord: Dr. Jim Jennings of Conscience International, and Jonathan Macris of Euro Relief. We pick it up with Jonathan talking about his heart's desire to bring Jesus…  Read More »

It’s All Greek to Me, Part 1

October 11, 2017 - I'm sure you've heard the expression "it's all Greek to me." That phrase basically means, "it's beyond my comprehension." Today, we're going to endeavor to make YOU aware of what God is doing in and around the country of Greece. And by the time we're through with both today's and tomorrow's programs, we're confident that…  Read More »

In What Direction Are We Pointing Them?

October 9, 2017 - Today, Cher Nelson has some things that she's been wanting to get off her chest, because it's such a strong passion in her life.. and has been since her childhood days. What is it, you ask? Let's find out together. Here's Cher.  Read More »

Refugee Crisis in Lesbos, Part 2

October 6, 2017 - Bram, Jim and Cher conclude their overview of the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece and how we should pray!  Read More »

Refugee Crisis in Lesbos, Part 1

October 5, 2017 - When it comes to "tracking the triumph of God in every nation on earth," Bram Floria has taken on the challenge and legacy from Dr. Norm  Read More »

Hearing Revelation, Pt. 3

October 4, 2017 - Norm concludes his conversation with performance artist Karen Heimbuch about her amazing depiction of the Book of Revelation. And they go out with a bang! This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson  Read More »

Christians Under Fire – CR CLASSIC

September 29, 2017 - Every day news reaches our inboxes from around the globe detailing the suffering of Christians, punished for no other reason than simple hatred of their faith. Frankly, it breaks our hearts. But it also reminds us of something else - the incredible spiritual and numerical growth that results when true believers are put to the…  Read More »

Spoken Worldwide, Pt. 2

September 28, 2017 - Today's conversation is an overflow of a great discussion we got started yesterday between Bram Floria and Ed Weaver of "Spoken Worldwide," formerly known as T4 Global International. There was so much great material that we had to add-in a second day. So, if you can stick with us for the next 25 minutes, I…  Read More »

Hollywood Makes the Case for Christ, Pt. 2

March 31, 2017 - Bram and Screenwriter Brian Bird discuss in-depth what it means to be a passionate follower of Christ in Hollywood.  Read More »

Hollywood Makes the Case for Christ, Pt. 1

March 30, 2017 - Brian Bird worked hard for years to be taken seriously in Hollywood. A talented writer with a solid work ethic and a heart for redemptive stories, the odds of his success in Tinseltown were one-in-a-million. But....  Read More »

Paths to Peace, Pt. 3

March 29, 2017 - Jim Jennings and Bram conclude a powerful look back, and cast their eyes over the horizon to the new thing God is doing in some of the world’s biggest trouble spots… Download Standard Podcasts  Read More »

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