Who is Jesus?

Prophet? Teacher? Son of God? Does it matter? Ignorance is probably our greatest enemy. Hundreds of people reject Christianity without any clear understanding of what it is. Others would become Christians if they only knew how.

Christianity claims to be God’s solution to man’s greatest problem. But, it’s impossible to understand the solution unless we are clear about the problem.

If I am going to accept His salvation

I am committing my life to following Him and living by His teachings.

He makes it very clear that this isn’t easy.

It’s hard!! Worthwhile — but hard!

Lord Jesus, I humbly acknowledge that I have sinned in my thinking and speaking and acting, and that my sins have separated me from You and Your Father, and I am helpless to change this myself.

I firmly believe that You died on the cross for my sins.

I have carefully thought about what it means to accept You as my Savior, and I sincerely repent, turning away from my past sins. I surrender myself to You as my Lord. Help me not to ever be ashamed of following You, but to love You with all my heart.

I believe You have been waiting for me to allow You into my life, and I ask you now, Lord Jesus, come into my life, take away my sin, and make me a new creation.

I thank You and praise You that you always keep Your word.



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