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Inside this Edition                         March 21, 2007    Vol. 10 Issue 11

ACTS 1:8

In this section of Inside NRB we hope to spotlight needs and opportunities in the area of international Christian broadcasting, as well as to focus on issues of international evangelism and the persecuted church around the globe.


Compassion Radio exists not merely to teach the truth, but to provide listeners with opportunities to ‘do the truth’. That’s why they’ve built and supported an orphanage in Hong Kong, provided beds for homeless children in India, counseled ‘street kids’ in Hollywood, ministered to widows, carried Bibles into China and VietNam, helped establish churches and provide Bibles in Indonesia, North Korea and Southeast Asia, provided sight for the blind in Africa, aided refugees from Kosovo, and made generous donations to feed the hungry. Compassion Radio is a boots-on-the-ground communications ministry that goes beyond talk and into action to serve the neediest people in the toughest places on earth. Compassion Radio did not choose its name, but was given it by an aid worker in a Middle Eastern refugee camp as a description of what the ministry was doing to help poor and oppressed people.

Compassion Radio sponsors compassion projects in the world’s desperate places, dialogues with world leaders, tells exciting stories of God’s reconciling work around the world, and offers opportunities for listeners to get involved. It works through strategic partnerships internationally in the fields of broadcasting, relief and development, human rights and religious freedom, and education. Its work has been covered by CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox Television, and other broadcast and print media.


Compassion Radio’s daily half-hour programs feature teaching, interviews, documentaries and on-site news reports from places like: Baghdad, Iraq; Tehran, Iran; Kabul, Afghanistan; Khartoum, Sudan; The West Bank, Palestine; Pyongyang, North Korea; and Beijing, China. Compassion Radio, lead and hosted by NRB Milestone Award recipient Norm Nelson, is expanding its daily half-hour radio program into six new markets: WRBS/Baltimore, MD; KCNW/Kansas City, MO; WFAM/Augusta, GA; WYCC/York, PA; WLMR/Chattanooga, TN; and KXKS/Albuquerque, NM.


For more information contact Hanns Manship, Executive Vice President, at


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According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, one-third of Internet users, or 34%, have logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection either with a laptop computer, a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA), or cell phone, have surfed the Internet or checked email using means such as WiFi broadband or cell phone networks.

Among the 34% of Internet users who have gone online wirelessly:

  • 72% of wireless users check email on the typical day, compared to 63% of home broadband users and 54% of all Internet users.

  • 46% get news online on the typical day, compared to 38% of home broadband users and 31% of all Internet users.

25% of Internet users say they have a cell phone that connects to the Internet with a wireless connection. Among Internet users with this capability on their cell phone, 54% have used it to get on the Internet either at home, work, or someplace other than home or work.

Among those with cell phones that can connect to the Internet:

  • 47% have done this someplace other than home or work.

  • 28% have done this at work.

  • 27% have done this while at home.

  • Personal digital assistants (PDAs): One in eight (13%) Internet users have a PDA that can connect to the Internet using a wireless network. Of these, most (82%) have used it to connect at home, work, or someplace other than home or work.

  • Specifically:

  • 56% of those with a web-enabled PDA have used it to access the Internet or email away from home or work.

  • 49% have done this with their PDA at home.

  • 38% have used their PDA to connect to the web or email at work.

Wireless Internet users tend to be younger than Internet users, in general. For Internet users under the age of 30:

  • 37% have logged on wirelessly from anywhere.

  • 32% have logged on wirelessly from someplace other than home or work.

  • 25% log on wirelessly at home.

  • 16% have gotten online by wireless means at work.

As to devices for accessing the Internet wirelessly, among Internet users under 30:

  • 40% have laptop computers, of which 88% are wireless-enabled.

  • 26% have wireless networks at home.

  • 40% have cell phones that can access the Internet

  • 17% have PDAs that can connect to the Internet.


[Research Brief, Wednesday, March 21, 2007]

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